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Vulkanus Crown

Years of experience by users of the worldwide manual Vulkanus sharpening system in renowned restaurant kitchens as well as in the household and all those who need dull knives sharp again don't want to miss out on Vulkanus.

Our Vulkanus Crown is now on the market which outshines every knife-sharpening system.

What sets Vulkanus Crown apart from conventional knife sharpeners from well-known manufacturers that are measured by their quality standards?

  1. Design: Different, Shapely, Timeless
  2. Function: Three devices in one, sharpening - honing - polishing; without rebuilding.
  3. Sustainability: Long life span, cost & resource saving
  4. Operation: Only two steps, sharpening in the lower area, fine sharpening / polish in the ceramic area.
  5. Knife shape: All metal knives no matter the hardness and shape as well as Serrated Blades.
  6. Very dull knives: All Vulkanus can resharpen knives that are not able to be resharpened by any other manual knife sharpener (without electricity).

Just try and you are convinced.

Vulkanus Crown

139,00 €


Crown on a wall

Crown in your hand

Fine sharpening (polish)

Serrated Knifes

One-Side sharpened Blades